Amazing Cakes #20: Vegan Marble Cake

It’s been about three weeks since I baked this cake. I wanted to try out another recipe from The Big Book of Amazing Cakes but not to make anything which would be time consuming and fiddly to do. I wanted something which would double up like a pudding with a scoop of ice cream. Looking through the book, I found a perfect recipe for a Vegan Marble Cake in the Free From chapter. This would work out perfectly for me as I had a lot of dairy free spread to use up and was very low on eggs before going to the supermarket. Although I am not vegan, I try out lots of vegan recipes and both my children have lactose intolerance so we have oat milk in the house. To be honest I have been trying to cut down on dairy too recently and I now have oat milk in my porridge and coffee. Just wish I could manage it in my tea. Baking the Vegan Marble Cake was a good excuse to get out one of my Nordicware bundt pans. The accompanying illustration to the recipe shows the cake baked in the Jubilee pan which is pretty but I chose my Harlequin one instead to make a change.

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