Chocolate Orange Tiffin (AKA Terry’s Tiffin)

It has been a very difficult time for our family recently as we suffered a bereavement. My lovely Dad passed away on June 11th and we are still trying to come to terms with our loss as a family. He became ill and was in hospital for 12 days. As I was growing up Dad was always encouraging and enjoyed sampling my baking, especially various buns and cakes from my Ladybird cookery books. In more recent years I was able to bake him birthday cakes, including a giant cupcake with fish on it (he loved fishing) and he loved my miniature Christmas pudding chocolate truffles.

As we all know those who have had family and friends in hospital have not been able to visit and so the only contact we had with Dad was by phone and text. Before he took a turn for the worse and ended up going into ICU, we chatted on the phone. He asked me to do a favour. He asked if I would bake some of my cookies for the staff in the hospital who had looked after him. I was only too happy to do this and he asked me to make him some Tiffin for when he came out of hospital. Sadly, this was to be the last conversation I had with my Dad and I wanted to carry out his wishes. The incredible nursing staff got their cookies and some of my Malteser Rocky Road but I wanted Dad to have his Tiffin as well. It was really upsetting and emotional to go back to the hospital but it was a pleasure to talk to the staff and the baked goodies were the least I could do for all the help and support they gave our family.

I made two different types of Tiffin for the little family get together we had at my stepmum’s in the back garden after Dad’s funeral. The weather was beautiful and I like to think Dad would have loved it. I made one of the Tiffins as Chocolate Orange flavour using Terry’s mini Chocolate Orange Segments and the topping was using Dairy Milk flavoured with orange. It had to be this flavour as my Dad’s name was Terry. If anyone in our family got a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, he would be saying “That’s mine as it has my name on it!” That was even before Dawn French’s advert came out saying “It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine!”

My Tiffin has been popular with local friends as well so I’ve decided to put it for sale on my website. I can cut the pieces into 9 or 12 pieces depending on preference and I can adapt flavours if you have any preferences. Apart from my Dad’s chocolate Orange flavour, I’ve also tried out Malteser Tiffin with plain chocolate topping and crushed Maltesers as well as Crunchie/ Honeycomb Tiffin. That’s a favourite of my son’s!
Love Sam xx

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