Hallowe’en Cupcakes and Cookies

You can tell I’m a bit behind with my blogging at the moment. It’s taken me well over a week to catch up and as I write I’m panicking that I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be dusting! Or so my husband tells me! Instead I am going to type this, walk the dog, have a cup of tea and up yours to the dusting! A few hours late won’t do any harm but if I don’t get this written soon it will be Hallowe’en 2013!

Every year I am always busy in my kitchen seeing what new ideas I can come up with for Hallowe’en. This yearI have been working longer hours in my day job, but I still found time to bake over the half term week fitting it in and around my daughter’s rehearsal schedule for the pantomime she is appearing in soon. I also like to make a batch of my cupcakes and cookies for the Trick or Treaters that come knocking on my front door. Along with all the Parkin I make I also offer cupcakes and cookies, although due to time constraints this year I had to buy in some Hallowe’en themed sugar decoration toppers from Imaginative Icing in York. I did try and make some sugarpaste bats as well though the pictures I took of those cupcakes came out very poorly!

For my cupcakes I am afraid to say they all came out rather garish. I am not a huge fan of bright coloured icing on cupcakes, preferring the more delicate pastel colours or even plain colours. But Hallowe’en is a time when you go garish- bright greens, purples, reds, oranges and even black coloured icing. That doesn’t stop children tucking into them though. I made some of the icing in my new two-tone double icing bags which I bought from Lakeland about a month back and was desperate to use them. Once I got the hang of using them I was impressed although the star icing nozzle is much smaller than the one I use regularly.

I really enjoy baking cookies and this is what it is all about for me, where I got the inspiration for the cookies from the Wilton website (who manufacture a lot of the cookie cutters I use for my baking) Last year I bought a load of new Hallowe’en themed cutters in the sale at Hobbycraft (they were reduced as I bought them in November!) and was keen to try them out. In previous years at Hallowe’en I have made various cookies for parties and Trick or Treaters but this year I wanted to try something different.

Thankyou for looking at these pictures and Happy Baking! Love Sam xx

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